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Paper & Pear

Sleek-Minimalist Fruit and Nut Labels

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Paper & Pear's Sleek-Minimalist Fruit + Nut Labels are a stylish addition to any kitchen or pantry. These self-adhesive white stickers are oil and water-resistant and come ready to apply to the containers of your choosing. 

The 20-Pack includes labels for common nuts, seeds, and dried fruits.  The full list is shown in the photo gallery.

Label Format

Labels include the item name, subtitle descriptors, and "all natural" as the footer text as shown in the photos.


These labels measure 1" tall by 4" wide with slightly rounded corners.

Proper fit is crucial to the longevity of the labels. Please measure your containers to ensure they will fit. Labels work best when adhered to a smooth, even surface. The labels are not stretchy and are not recommended for use on textured, spherical, or convex surfaces.