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Paper & Pear

Clean-Modern Home Cleaning and Laundry Labels

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Paper & Pear's Clean-Modern cleaning and laundry label collection features water-resistant labels for your refillable household cleaning and laundry products. Reduce waste by buying in bulk and refilling durable containers across your home with these simple and stylish labels. 

These labels are printed on professional-quality polyester label paper to resist water, oil, and other spills, and may be wiped clean with soap and water.

This package includes 15 labels for common household cleaners and laundry items. The item details are shown in the photo gallery. Labels include the item name, a subtitle descriptor, and "Clean + Home" on the bottom of each label as shown in the photos.



Labels measure 2.8" tall by 2.2" wide and fit a variety of bottles and containers. Proper fit is crucial to the longevity of the labels. Please measure your containers to ensure they will fit. Labels work best when adhered to a smooth, even surface. The labels are not stretchy and are not recommended for use on textured, spherical, or convex bottles.