Reset this Spring

Reset this Spring

Spring is upon us (hooray!) and it’s time to revive our homes for the brighter days ahead.  When we think of spring cleaning, we all know the basics: pack away the sweaters and down jackets, dust under the furniture, wipe down the baseboards, clean the windows, etc.  Keep doing those things!  They are important for maintaining a fresh and healthy home.   

In addition to the annual checklist, we encourage you to take it a simple step further this year (and we promise that doesn’t mean a bunch of extra work!).  Jen, owner of Reset Your Nest, says it best by encouraging us all to RESET:

“If I had to just choose one organization tip out of the thousands that are in my head, I think it would be this: Do not be afraid to RESET. The process of resetting takes time and commitment, but the end result is REAL CHANGE instead of just improvement. When you reset a space you take everything out of a space, get rid of the items that aren't serving you, find containers that FIT in the space and for the items that need containing, contain each category or zone of item, and then label. This process of resetting goes beyond organization. Instead of being left with an organized space, you are left with a SYSTEM. A new way of living, a seamless way to maintain your hard work, and something that is beautiful as well. Remember that word reset. When you look at a space through a new lense, it will transform the way you live...I promise.”

-Jen is the founder of Reset Your Nest, a Professional Home Organizing business in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loves creating order and systems out of chaos. Her specialty is finding a way to continue the aesthetic of any home to every cupboard and drawer. She shares her tips and tricks on her blog and on Instagram @reset_your_nest.

With that in mind, we’re here to help you think outside the box:  little projects you can fit in on your spring cleaning journey that will go a long way in helping you RESET and promote daily calm and happiness.   

Make the switch to file folding

Knowing the right way to fold and store items in your closet greatly elevates the look + functionality of the space.  We like to use the vertical or "file" method in drawers.  Not a lot of drawer space?  No problem!   Give shelves the functionality of drawers with bins - you can easily pull them out and see what’s inside when the contents are file folded!  Don't forget to follow Jen's advice above and first get rid of the clothing pieces that you no longer wear and find the right bins to fit your space.  (Pro tip:  the small flex bins in the set below are perfect for baby and kids clothes and really help maximize space!). 


SortJoy The Transformation Pack


Update your spice rack 

First, check the expiration date on all spices and throw away any that are no longer fresh.  Then, make grabbing spices quick & easy by storing them alphabetically. Whether in a drawer, lazy susan or on a spice rack, you'll easily find them and know what's missing when you run out.  Take it a step further by decanting them into matching jars with beautiful labels - spice section elevated! 


Paper & Pear Modern Spice Labels          Yamazaki Home Tosca Countertop Shelf

Implement a paper drop zone

This is one of the easiest and most efficient new systems to implement!  Stacks of paper are one of the biggest culprits of causing clutter (we see you mail, bills, kids artwork!).  Designate a drawer or pretty basket to house paperwork coming into the house that needs sorting.  Then set aside a time each week to go through it.  Recycle the junk mail, file away the important documents and kids artwork you want to save, pay the bills, etc.  Just make sure the basket is empty at the end and ready for the week ahead!


Skagerak Nomad Letter Tray          EtuHome Rush Double Handle Tray

Grab + Go Stations

Create grab + go stations by storing items together that are used to complete a project. Whether it's bathroom cleaning supplies or art supplies for a fun kids project; storing items together makes it easy to use and put away seamlessly.


EtuHome Tabletop Storage Caddy    Yamazaki Home Tower Storage Caddy

Happy spring from CLLCTD!