label organization

Label Loves..

One of the best secrets to organizing and maintaining your home: LABELS! Whether it's the kitchen pantry, a child's playroom or utility closet, having clarity on where items are stored is essential for a well maintained home. 


Ask yourself this: Have you ever found yourself wasting time looking for things or others always asking you where certain items are? Get time back in your day by having items in your home properly labeled and grouped together. Eliminate the inconvenience of always having to find things for other people or answer to where they are by having labels. Let the labels do the talking!


Sort like with like, grouping items by category, so it's easy to see what you have as options to pull from. By knowing what you currently have on hand, you'll avoid any guess work when you go shopping. This will help to save money by not purchasing items you already have!


Home organization is a big accomplishment in and of itself and having your items labeled will help maintaining it all the more easier! When it's fast and easy for everyone in your home to find and return items back to their designated space, labeling increases the chance of staying organized. A win-win!


See our favorite labels by Paper & Pear. Talk has never looked so good!