CLLCTD Top 10 Organizing Tips from the Experts

Top 10 Tips from Organizing Experts

An organized space is a functional space, saving you time and providing a calm amongst the chaos of the day to day. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of the best organizers in the industry to give you their best organizational tips and how to’s all in one place! We are excited to share with you our top ten organizing tips from our favorite professional organizers! 

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#1.  My favorite organizing tip is to declutter your stuff first, then find bins second.
While most people tend to shop for products before they even start organizing, I find it helpful to first declutter your stuff and then find containment that works for your stuff. Not all bins are going to work for all your things. So find out what you have first. Then find things to store them in...if you even need to!

- Jessica Litman, The Organized Mama. Known as “The Organized Mama” and recognized by as an “organizing and DIY expert”---has been encouraging families to not only embrace their homes but also how to incorporate fun-and-easy home organizational habits that every family member can do. Her work featured in Better Homes and Gardens, Parents Magazine, and The Boston Globe. And her book, Home Sweet Organized Home, will be arriving on bookshelves in Jan. of 2022.


#2. Keep your office neat + tidy! 
Just like a clean kitchen in the morning can start your day off right, so can a clean workspace. Make a habit of cleaning your office space at the end of each work day. Collect all the dishes, recycle scrap paper, put things back in their place, dust, wipe down surfaces. Tidy your office as a gift to your future self & for a more productive start to your next work day.

- Ashley, Finding Order.  A Seattle-based professional organizer helping her clients find order and organization in their everyday life. 


#3.  One of the best ways to get and stay organized is to downsize the amount of “stuff” you own.  
While this varies, depending on a person's lifestyle, the principle of having less equates to managing less. When you have less to manage you free yourself from added stress and increased decision fatigue. For example, having one good quality rain coat will meet your need for rainy weather. And, if that coat is well made, fits you well, and you like the way you feel in it, it’s a win-win all around. Embracing less allows you to live a more organized, less stressed life!

- Morgan Tyree, Morganize with Me. Morgan is an Organizing Expert, Author, and Fitness Instructor. She lives with her husband and their three children in sunny northern Colorado. She enjoys coaching others to live a more simplified and meaningful life.

#4.  I love a "transition bin" which houses all of those little knick-knacks and miscellaneous items that need to be transitioned out of your house.
It could be anything from "tupperware from a meal that a friend brought, to a library book that needs to be returned, or baby items your kids have outgrown that need to be donated.." The idea is that you put temporary items in one basket so that it's not cluttering up your coffee table or kitchen counter, and you aim to empty the basket by the end of the week. My clients love this method because it sets up their weekly checklist and clears clutter all at once.

- Holly Blakely, Breathing Room Org. Holly Blakey is the founder and owner of Breathing Room, a home organizing and styling company that helps clients find practical and beautiful solutions to create space in homes and heads. As a mom of three little ones, she knows it's essential to create functional, lasting systems without sacrificing style. Over the past six years, her work has been featured in People, Real Simple, Domino, Goop, HGTV, Parents, GMA and MyDomaine. 


#5.  Our favorite decluttering tip includes three simple steps: take everything out, categorize, and label.
This is a simple and easy way to enhance your space and help you with upkeeping your organization. When organizing a space, it’s key to take everything out and categorize it. Even though it may seem overwhelming, taking everything out will allow you to see the space you are working with and promote purging unwanted items.
Categorizing your items will maximize the space by creating a system and home for each item. 
Once all your items are placed in their designated space, labeling is key to ensure that your space is categorized appropriately and maximized to its full potential.

- Michaela & Zoe, Twice as Organized. Twice As Organized is a NY based company, formed by two sisters that are passionate about organization and believe that having a tidy space helps you live a healthier and happier lifestyle.


#6.  The one thing I wish people knew about home organizing is to be specific! Before starting an organizing project, set goals and create a plan.
Most people’s “plan” is to “purge the closet” and the plan stops there. The result ends up not meeting expectations, and you feel like a failure. You may use this example as confirmation bias––to prove that you’re just not organized, which is far from the truth! The key to successfully completing any home organizing project is to set a specific goal. What are you wanting to achieve? Fill in this sentence. By _________ date, I will _________, so that I can _________. Example: By Thursday, October 28, I will comb through the entire toy room, deciding what stays and goes, so that I can decide what organizing bins I need to buy. Then make a plan. How are you going to achieve your goal? What time will you start? How will you handle donation items? Will your kids be home? If so, is it realistic that you’ll be able to get this task handled? Set yourself up for success by having a specific plan, and then execute. Repeat the goal setting and planning process until your project is complete. Be sure to celebrate your success! So often, we rush onto the next thing and don’t take a moment to pat ourselves on the back.

-  Joanna Wirick, Joanna Organize. A professional organizer based in the Midwest. She helps reduce the stress and overwhelm that surrounds some of life’s biggest transitions like the arrival of a child or moving to a new home and everything in between! Whether you've been in your home for six months or six years, it's never too late to get organized. Joanna creates organizational systems and teaches you the why and how behind her methods. Follow her on Instagram at @joanna_organize.


#7.  Whether you have a large or a small space, it’s so important to make sure you don’t overcrowd it with clutter and to be creative with how you store items.
Declutter first, then invest in furniture that doubles as a storage solution to prevent you from shoving everything into a closet. Ottomans for linen storage, and beds that have built-in storage are great places to start! 
 - Sarah, Hello Clutter. Professional organizer whose mission is to help her clients say goodbye to their clutter and simplify their homes so they can feel free.


#8.  Rely on routines!
  Nighttime routines allow for a fresh start the following morning. Before you go to bed, load your dishwasher, and run it if it's full. You'll feel at peace going to bed with an empty kitchen sink. Then, conduct a space sweep of your main living area by putting away out of place items, like your kids' toys, throw blankets, and anything lingering on your coffee table. 
When you wake up, your body needs to be hydrated. This is the perfect opportunity for you to drink 8 oz. of water while unloading your dishwasher. I prefer sparkling water first thing in the morning. 
  You'll feel ready to tackle your day knowing that you've already completed two tasks! 

- Rachel, Room by RachelI’m Rachel Ruder, owner of Room by Rachel. As a little girl, I spent countless hours playing school, rearranging my bedroom, and practicing my penmanship. As a wife and momma, I’m the ultimate home manager turned professional organizer. Organization is at the heart of everything I do. Let’s make room!


#9. Clutter can be seriously overwhelming.
I always suggest making a list of the areas in your house that need organizing. Then block out some time to get started. Pick the space that bothers you the most and start there. Even if it’s only a few drawers, it’s a start. It’s amazing how accomplished you will feel after taking control of that space and it will motivate you to keep moving forward.
-Amy Friedman, Clutter Away LA. Amy founded Clutter Away LA after mom friends kept asking for her help getting organized. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband, two children, and labradoodle, Stella. Clutter Away LA is a Los Angeles-based lifestyle and organizational company. We believe that learning how to create a clutter-free home is essential to living your best life - a life without stress and chaos.


#10. Put it back where it belongs.
Easier said than done but it needs to be something that everyone in the home understands, when you take something out, put it back exactly where you found it. (Labels help with that!)

- Rachel, Space in your Place. Professional Organizer + Founder. Space in your Place Organizing Solutions helps you to clear the clutter and create organizing systems tailored to your family's needs. Whether you prefer to be hands on in the organizing process or prefer to have us define your home while you're away, we can help!


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